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Discounts for Emergency Managers & Government Sales

LuminAID provides discounted pricing to government agencies, public institutions, and emergency managers. Use our solar lanterns for emergency kits, community education, disaster response, and events. We are able to add your logo to orders of 50+ units for a small fee.

Perfect for Emergency Kits

LuminAID's solar lanterns and phone chargers are designed to pack flat, so they're easy to store in an emergency kit or glove compartment.

Hosting a community event? The PackLite Nova USB is great take-home item to get participants excited about building an emergency kit.

Charge Your Phone Anywhere

Do your staff and volunteers use their phones in the field? A portable solar phone charger ensures they can stay connected, and don't need to depend upon generators used for essential operations. Consider equipping your staff with the PackLite Max 2-in-1 Phone Charger. 

Finally: A Useful Gift!

Give your staff something they'll actually use: a LuminAID solar lantern. We can add your logo to orders of 50+ pieces for just $1/color/unit.

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